Personal capital to Empower

Personal Capital Changes Name to Empower

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UPDATE: It’s changed! Personal Capital is now Empower. Read on for details.

Back in 2020, retirement services provider Empower bought robo-advisor and personal financial tech provider Personal Capital for around $1 billion.

Since then, they’ve kept the Personal Capital name, but have branded themselves as “Personal Capital, an Empower Company.” A bit of a mouthful if you ask me. But all that’s about to change.

Starting in a few days, or “around February 16, 2023,” they will officially drop the Personal Capital name in favor of Empower.

Personal Capital Changes Name to Empower 1
Empower Dashboard

So, what’s all changing? Not that much, actually.

  • Current customers will log into now
  • The free personal finance tools and dashboard will remain the same
  • All Personal Capital Cash accounts will now be called “Empower Personal Cash” (come on, “Empower Cash” sounds so much cooler) and have the same APY and FDIC protection.
  • Paid client fees and features won’t change
  • Your mobile app will be updated automatically
  • Our Personal Capital Review will update to our Empower Review!

And for now, that’s pretty much all. Of course, we’ll keep you updated about any other changes, and will keep this post updated, or you can keep an eye on their update page.