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Fees and Deposit Limits




Ease of Use


Account Types and Services


Budget Flexibility



  • Pure equity investing
  • 6 months free with our link
  • Goal-based investing platform
  • Passive income through dividends
  • Human Support


  • Slightly higher annual fee compared to other robos
  • Lack of diversification across investment products

2019 Emperor Investments Review

Emperor Investments iconDid you know the male emperor penguin is responsible for safeguarding the egg in the brood pouch as the female hunts for food? The Emperor Investments Robo Advisor is designed to do just that: to guard your nest egg. In this case, Emperor Investments offers automated equity investing to help achieve your goals.

The service builds exclusive pure equity portfolios, so you directly own the companies in your investment portfolio. Unlike other Robo Advisors that build portfolios based on ETFs, bonds, and commodities, Emperor Investments tailor-makes equity portfolios that are best suited for your goals. The equity stocks are handpicked and generated by Emperor’s “Dream Team” algorithm and are further personalized by investment experts to select the best option that offers a compelling value proposition.

Does this all sound confusing? Don’t worry; Emperor Investments not only gives you direct ownership over companies that you invest in, but your investment portfolio will be made up of companies that consistently pay cash dividends. This is a win-win situation.

If you want to give pure equity investing a try, Emperor Investments is a sterling choice. Allow us to dig deeper so we can determine the pros and cons of this unique Robo Advisor.

Emperor Investments Fees

fees priceLet’s begin our 2019 Emperor Investments review by discussing the fees and minimum deposit. With Emperor Investments, this is as simple as it gets: you only pay a 0.60% annual fee with a $500 minimum deposit. You don’t have to worry about any hidden ETF fees, which is common among other robo advisors. The 0.60% fee is all you will pay.

However, if you sign up using our link, you get your first six months managed for free.


Annual Fee

Betterment and Wealthsimple charge lower fees with no minimum deposit. But keep in mind, you might end up paying additional third party fees to the fund providers.

However, Emperor Investments will include personalized and tailored portfolios comprised of 100% stocks, dividend reinvesting, and automatic rebalancing. Your portfolio will only consist of dividend-paying companies and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees.

While the 0.6% annual fee isn’t the lowest in the world of automated investing, it’s also not the highest, and Emperor Investments makes it easy for investors to begin their journey into pure equity investing.

In fact, their service might even be more comparable to a traditional advisor (with 2-3% fees) since they hand-pick the stocks for your portfolios.

Equity Investing Comparison Chart

If you’re unfamiliar with pure equity investing and its benefits, have a look at this comparison chart, which compares Pure Equity Investing vs. ETFs and Mutual Funds:

Equity Investing comparison chart

Flexibility & Diversification

Looking at the service as a whole, it’s easy to misjudge Emperor Investments when it comes to flexibility. Since the service focuses solely on pure equity investing, some investors might find the service lacking diversification, and they would be correct.

However, if what you’re looking for is a straight-forward fee structure, direct ownership of the companies in your portfolio, and hand-picked stocks with each portfolio tailored to your specific goals, the lack of diversification isn’t really a concern.


Ease of Use

EasyEmperor Investments is simple and easy to use. You can get started by answering a few questions such as your age, primary source of income, total assets, and liabilities. The service then automatically creates your pure equity portfolio based on your answers.

The portfolio will be composed of holdings in health care, food and beverage, utilities, personal and household goods, industrial goods and services, and chemicals.

After signing up, all that is required is to make the initial deposit so you can enjoy the benefits of pure equity investing.

But how does it all work? Emperor Investments utilizes a unique three-step approach to build a Dream Team of companies for your portfolio:

Every quarter, our technology sifts through every company on the U.S. stock exchanges and compiles a list of dividend paying stocks that pass our strict filters.

One of these filters is that companies must have not reduced their dividend payments in at least 15 years.

From there, our team of security analysts do a deeper dive into each company and further refine that list. They look into qualitative factors that technology just can’t assess yet such as a company’s management team.

We call this pool of refined stocks the Dream Team.

Every time you create a goal, our technology considers the price and industry of stocks in the Dream Team and designs a diversified portfolio tailored to your needs. To get the best fit, we take into account your investing preferences (which we determine during onboarding), as well as the details you provide when creating a goal.

From there, we automatically reinvest your dividends (unless you want to withdraw them as a passive income stream), and automatically rebalance your portfolio as more information comes in with the passage of time.

Unlike other robo advisors that focus solely on ETFs, Emperor Investments strives in providing the best performing portfolio in a user-friendly approach. They also claim equity portfolios had lower volatility and historically outperformed ETFs based on initial forward testing.

2019 Emperor Investments Review - Pure Automated Equity Investing

Account Types and Services

Emperor Investments is all about pure equity investing. No ETFs and no mutual funds. Others might say it is safer to invest in a portfolio of several different types of ETFs (since you are basically buying a whole collection of different stocks or bonds), but having direct ownership of the companies in your tailored and personalized equity portfolio is, without a doubt, a more exciting approach to automated investing.

Emperor Investments believes in the passive-active approach to earn the most from your investments. It’s all about balance. Traditional robo advisors are geared more towards passive investing and ETFs, which earns money based on the return of the index. But for investors who want a more customized portfolio from selected dividend-paying equities, Emperor Investments is the right choice.

Owning businesses and corporations that consistently earn and pay out dividends is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth.

Suitability for Different Budgets

Investment BudgetsEmperor used to have a minimum account size of $2,000 but in June 2019 changed it to only $500 to be more in line with other robo advisors. Honestly, we don’t mind a $2,000 minimum balance; that’s about when you will start to see the most benefit from your deposits.

But we are glad to see the Emperor team listening to their customers and allowing those with smaller investment amounts to take advantage of automated investing.

The slightly higher 0.6% annual fee might be a turn-off for some investors who are planning to invest more money in their account. However, the service ensures no hidden management fees so you can work towards your financial goals without paying unnecessary fees in the process.

Overall, we feel like the fees and minimum balance are both reasonable for the service you get, and is well-suited for investors of all budgets.


Emperor Investments offers investors the chance to experience the equity advantage. We like the idea of having direct ownership of the companies in our investment portfolio, and we also like the low $500 minimum deposit.

The 0.6% annual fee is acceptable given the unique and personalized experience that only Emperor Investments has to offer, not to mention the increased growth potential and no hidden fees. Previously, you’d have to be a wealthy investor to take advantage of pure equity investing and go through a traditional advisor charging 2-3%, instead of Emperor’s 0.60%.

Plus, with our link you get six months free, and with the extra security of having no hidden expenses or ETF fees makes it a solid choice.